Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Estrangement that Engulfs

The feels of new things: meeting new people or travelling to an unknown city is always so refreshing. A routine change from the daily hustle bustle but what if you need to know the estranged city and you never can!
You are always chasing as with new adventure holds new confusions, new fears and new memories of equal joy and disdain.

up above from your roots!

Often situations demand us to move and travel. We should realize that its a beautiful thing to have lungs that allow you to breathe air and legs that allow you to climb mountains, and we don't realize that that's enough (@Carteir instagram). So travelling comes along with the 'life' package we are given. Yet contradictorily we remain adamant to stay fixed to our roots.

where do you belong?  ask yourself

Yes, trying to refrain from giving personal opinions but I too would remain fixed to my roots if given a chance but life has different plans for everybody you,me! Whatever the reason maybe, the need to explore and get lost is a given. Sudden changes in life or changes evident in life forces you to move ,be the unknown in the unknown and love and lose and often lose your ways when you never knew its ways.

known to the unknown

I may know the directions by now but what direction it holds in my life,it still is a blur. Just when I think I am in par with the city's thoughts, I find myself lost in the midst. I believe we are in sync but are we? It is a city of it's own and if I keep chasing the gap just gets wider. I become engulfed in it's obliviousness. Will I ever come out?


  1. Welcome to blogging world! Enjoy reading your first post and expecting more and more interesting posts to come!

    We all come to this world with nothing and leave this world with nothing. But in between, there is plenty of room to move about. And it is all up to us how do we want to create and live our lives. Step by step we will grow and develop. It is all processes and life learning experiences.

    You go girl!!! I know you can overcome it! Few years later at the same time you'll turn your head back proudly and smile, and say, "Yes, I finally come out in the bewilderness and I've made it the way I wanted it to be!" :)

    1. thanks for such a positive feedback Rima though my idea seems really vague. I want you to thank you for encouraging me endlessly and helping me through and through and being all ears to my almost not making sense stuff. I look upto to you because you have experienced this and become wiser and I find inspiration in the little things and you inspire me endlessly